A comparative study of supervisory practices of private and public junior high schools of the Cape Coast metropolis

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University of Cape Coast
ix, 148p. : ill.
The development of every nation is contingent on the quality of educational system in place. The study was conducted to find out the supervisory practices of public JHS and private JHS of Cape Coast Metropolis. The sample of the study consisted of 606 respondents. Simple random and stratified sampling procedures were used to select the respondents. Four research questions were formulated to guide the study. Documentary evidence, interview guide and questionnaire were the research instruments used. The internal reliability co-efficient of the teachers’ questionnaire and the students’ questionnaire were .909 and .924 respectively. The independent sample t-test as well as frequencies and percentages were used to analyse the data.. The study established that both internal supervision and external supervision were emphasized in public JHS and private JHS. Moreover, the study revealed that headteachers, assistant headteachers, teachers on duty, class teachers, and student prefects were all involved in supervision. The recommendations included the following: The need to restructure supervision by incorporating elements of supervision and the need not to overload supervisors with work.
Supervisory practices, Elements of supervision, School supervision