The impact of in-service training on non-professional teachers in West Akim district

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University of Cape Coast
xi, 128p. : ill.
The study was on the impact of in-service training on non-professional teachers in the West Akim District. The main aim was to investigate whether the in-service training given to the non-professional teachers in the public basic schools have had any significant impact on them academically or professionally whether the in-service training has given them the pedagogical background to improve their performance and method of teaching, to find out what extent the non-professional teacher is responsive to professional development, in what ways does the in-service training promise greater efficiency and precision to the non-professional teachers; and lastly how does the in-service training prepare the non-professional teachers towards main stream teaching. Schools from seven circuits were used for the study. All the respondents included in the study totalled sixty-six (66). The data was collected through given out copies of questionnaires and granting of interviews. The statistical method used in the analysis was simple percentages which were calculated for the summary of the various responses. The major findings of the study were that in-service training has impacted on non-professional teachers academically and professionally. Non-professional teachers responses revealed that, in-service training is one of the yardsticks to revitalize teaching and learning as the primary basis for improving professional retraining. In-service training has given the non-professional teachers the pedagogical effectiveness and has enhanced the proficiency level shown in the ability to manage their classrooms well, prepare lesson notes on time, teach within time allocated.
In-service training, Non-professional teachers, Teachers