Contribution of human resource development to organisations: A case study of Asuogyaman district assembly

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University of Cape Coast
ix, 94p. : ill.
Human resource development is being viewed today as an important strategic approach to to improved productivity, efficiency and profitability. The level of human resource development which is the central driving force in the achievement of organisational goals and economic development in Ghana is rather not encouraging and should be given the needed boost by building the knowledge, skills, working abilities and innate capacities of all the people in the society. The study therefore aimed at examining the contributions of human resource development to organisations in Ghana in order to make some suggestions that will ensure that the required human resource needs are provided. In attempt to do this, Asuogyaman District Assembly was selected as a case study. Both primary and Secondary data were collected and analyzed. The study found out that majority of staff in the organisation was occasionally involved in a training programme. Most staff occasionally had their training needs assessed. Performance management/appraisal and human resource planning are promoted. Human resource development contributes to increased productivity and builds manpower abilities.Based on the findings, it is recommended among others things that; all organisations should establish a human resource development policy that will encourage systematic learning, performance and change as a means to increase productivity and improve performance.
Human resource development, Human resource, Asuogyaman district assembly