The role of staff training and development in the risk management programme of the inspection and control services Ltd, Accra

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University of Cape Coast
xi, 89p. :ill.
The study examined the role of staff training and development in the risk management programme of Inspection and Control Services (ICS) Limited in Accra. Specifically, the study focused on the factors that influence assignment of staff to the risk management unit, effectiveness of the risk system and the role training and development play in ensuring the effectiveness of the risk management system. Descriptive study design, covering 74 staff and management personnel of Inspection and Control Services, was applied. A questionnaire was used for 70 employees and the 4 senior management members to gather the relevant data to form the basis for the research. The study revealed that ICS considered staff's level of education, and performance at the selection interviews as some of the influencing factors in assigning staff to the Risk Management unit. The risk assigned by ICS meets the best standards in destination inspections. The Computerised Risk Manegement System (CRMS) of ICS also protects consumers and government revenue, facilitates trade and fast tracks clearance of goods at the ports of Ghana. Periodic refresher programmes and selected training were offered in developing the skills of officials. Training and development therefore enhances the quality of staff of ICS. It was recommended that CRMS of ICS should be made more accessible to staff. Finally, regular feedbacks on appraisal should be provided so performance shortfall could be corrected through training and development.
Staff training, Development, Risk management, Risk