A Study of Work Related Depression, Anxiety and Stress of Nurses at

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University of Cape Coast
This study is aimed at finding out the distribution of depression, anxiety and stress among nurses at Pantang hospital with regards to demographic characteristics such as age, gender, rank, duration and hospital unit worked. A sample of 57 Nurses of Pantang Hospital was randomly selected for the study. ANOVA tests were used to analyze the data. The results indicated that there was a significant difference in all the emotional states of depression, anxiety and stress with regards to the ages of the nurses. The results showed that the higher the age of the Nurse the more he or she is exposed to these emotional conditions and the stress level was higher in Rehabilitation Unit as compared to the rest of the Units. It was therefore recommended that Nurses who are vulnerable should be screened with the DASS scale and those with high scores should be counseled.
Depression, Anxiety, Stress of Nurses and Pantang Hospital